Why Tawney Insurance Consulting?

T logoWhy should I work with Tawney? Because at Tawney, the secrets are out. We educate and arm you with a common sense business approach to understanding insurance. You will be more educated and empowered to make the best decisions with your time and money to ensure the highest return on your investment. You will learn what a simple part of the process the product and price actually is, and that the most important and complex aspect will be truly defining what you need for your business and your people. And in a world where insurance expenses are likely one of the highest you have, you’ll learn what a full analysis of your investment looks like and understand the most cost effective way to achieve your business goals.

Core Values

Return On Investment

Did you know that your insurance professional is one of your highest paid partners in business? Getting the proper return on that investment is critical for your business and your bottom line. We bring you the expertise and advice to help you more effectively run your business and manage your investments.


Accepting advice and acting on it can only happen when there is implicit trust in a relationship. And trust cannot be earned through a renewal or on a spreadsheet. Our goal is to build a trusting relationship over time by being honest and transparent, and without fail, placing the goals and problems of your business first.

Strategic Approach

There should be no cookie cutter plans.  Every single business has different goals, problems, opportunities, and financial situations.  Too often agencies do not take these critical differences into account and instead focus on selling a product. With Tawney Insurance Consulting, we approach your insurance programs with a strategic vision and plan for your future success.



    • "His experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, leader, and change agent is what enables any organization with which he is associated to outperform their competition.  The passion and energy with which he diagnoses a situation, determines the appropriate course of action, and aggressively drives the necessary change are matched only by the contagious confidence gained by those fortunate enough to work with him and his organization. Kris is a difference maker and is turning a stale industry on its head."
      Kevin Trokey, Q4 Intelligence
    • "I can count on one hand the number of individuals I trust to always have our firm's best interest at heart. Kris Tawney and Tawney Insurance Consulting make that list! The piece of mind Kris has brought to my company is immeasurable."
      Bryan Boyd
    • "With Kris I know I am getting the truth and the best advice for my company.  We know that with all the change in our industry that Kris will give us the best solutions for our people and our finances. We don’t have time to worry about our insurance programs so it means so much to us to trust Kris to worry about it for us and execute."
      Sharon Humphrey, Charleston OBGYN Associates